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Our simulation technology not only teaches STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), but opens the eyes of the students to what they can achieve if they apply what they learn when they leave the classroom. The software and curriculum we license is like no other anywhere in the world and can be a part of your school!

  • Technology for kids


    What gains U.S. students posted in recent years are “hardly remarkable by world standards,” according to the report. Although the U.S. is not one of the nine...

  • Engineering for kids


    From a Harvard Study: Because rates of economic growth have a huge impact on the future well-being of the nation, there is a simple message: A country ignores the...

  • Math for kids


    Out of 34 countries, the U.S. ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math. There is no such thing as “math time” in our lives. We are constantly...

  • Science for kids


    In the United States, only 7 percent of students reached the advanced level in eighth-grade math, while 48 percent of eighth graders in Singapore and 47 percent of...

Innovative Education.


  • Find Space

    The first step is to find a space to convert. We will shape our proprietary designs to whatever space your school has available, whether it be a resource room, gym closet, classroom, nook, or cranny. We only need 300 sq ft

  • Build

    Thanks to experience, we know every cost necessary to make your simulator extraordinary – from the technology to the labor. We would be glad to put it together or support the team you choose to bring your simulator to life

  • License

    Once the room conversion is complete, you may begin your exclusive D.SIM License. Each license includes a year’s worth of curriculum per grade level, software, and an employee dedicated to your school’s program

  • Simulate

    With your Spaceship Simulator up and running, you can now begin flying your students through the galaxy. A single simulator in a 1000 student school will guarantee each student at least one full simulated mission lesson per month

  • Specialize

    Each mission lesson is formed in direct correlation to your state’s core requirements, but with the help of your dedicated flight director, you can make sure each mission is focused towards the needs and weaknesses of your school

  • Benefit

    Not only will you see improvement in the performance, communication, confidence, and discipline of your students, but each simulator comes with a ready-to-run after-school program to help your school make money


At D.SIM, we take education very seriously. Information dumping may be the most efficient teaching method, but it is not the most effective. We strive each and every day to revolutionize the way student's experience each and every lesson. Our team of qualified and excited experts helps us provide quality curriculum that is formed in direct accordance with the state core.

  • Casey Voeks

    Casey Voeks


    Casey Voeks has taught at both the elementary and high school levels. He has more simulated education experience across various formats than just about anyone in the world. The proof is in the children, and the dynamic changes that happen in their lives.

  • BJ Warner

    Brett J. Warner


    B.J. has over 7 years of space simulated educational experience. As a graphic designer, creative writer, professional actor and entertainer, he’s been among the creation of engaging material all his life.

  • Victor Williamson

    Victor Williamson

    Curriculum and Education

    Mr. Williamson founded the original concept we are taking to the world today. With over 20 years of experience in interactive space education, he is the best person in the world to help any school’s STEM program blast off, pun intended.

  • Tim Aguilar

    Tim Aguilar

    Education Technology

    Tim Aguilar is the founder and CEO of Calculated Research & Technology and serves as the guardian over technology and software development for D.Sim.  He is the ultimate fountain of binary wisdom.

Thrilling Entertainment.


The first ever STEM education solution that not only works, but will actually make your school money. We provide all the necessary tools in our package to run a successful after-school program that will cover the cost of licensing, as well as generate precious revenue.

  • 15% Capacity

    generated monthly

    Average three missions per week
    in your after-school program and
    you nearly cover the entire cost of
    the license. Go ahead, get excited.

  • 50% Capacity

    generated monthly

    Fill half of your available times,
    and you will actually make money
    on the best STEM education solution
    available for your school.

  • 100% Capacity

    generated monthly

    At this level you will be able
    to hire 2 new teachers solely
    on the income generated by
    your D.SIM Simulator.



Innovative solutions for innovative schools. We want to help make the world a more exciting place. Help us end the days of the information dump. Interactive education technology that not only informs the user, but excites them about the subjects is at last within reach.


Interested in getting a simulator for your school? We are too! Just give us a shout. Interested in joining our exciting internship program? We are looking for talented people who want to help us transform modern education.